Stiletto Safari & Stiletto Sunset by Kate Metz


Stiletto Sunset Cover

“Stiletto Sunset” is the sequel to the award willing début novel, Stiletto Safari, by Kate Metz.  It is another fun filled, action packed, romantic comedy.

Zara Hamilton is living in London. The bright lights of New York City are long gone and have been replaced by centuries-old streetscapes, shopping trips to Harrods, and high tea at the Ritz.

Life is pretty close to perfect—Zara gets paid to travel the world, her love life with Hamish couldn’t be better, the girls have come to visit, and Zara has made some wonderful new friends.

But when Hamish proposes on a romantic tropical getaway, Zara’s perfect world starts to unravel.

What is it about Zara’s past that could threaten her future happiness?

And will Hamish still want to marry her once he learns the truth?



– Readers’ Favorite

“Stiletto Safari” is the first novel by Kate Metz.  It is a fun filled, action packed, romantic comedy.

Zara Hamilton has it all—a glamorous New York lifestyle, a gorgeous (and seriously rich) boyfriend, and a job as a lawyer in a prestigious city law firm. But when Zara’s boyfriend is accused of insider trading, her perfect world implodes.

Thrown out of work by security and stalked by the press, Zara’s life can’t get any worse. Or can it? A snap decision (and a few wines too many) sees Zara fleeing to Africa to work as a temporary wildlife volunteer.

But just when things start to cool down at home, Zara realizes her troubles have only just begun.

Will Zara’s designer wardrobe survive?
Will a supermodel ruin her only chance at happiness?
Can a Birkin bag really solve her problems?
And will Zara want her old life back at the end of it all…

A portion of all royalties from Stiletto Safari will go to a children’s home in Korea and to an African wildlife conservation fund.